Dysport injections work similar to Botox, it’s a cosmetic injection that improves the appearance of brown lines.  Both injections are great, but some patients prefer the results from one over the other.

Why Get Dysport Injections?

Over time, the muscles between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) create frown lines that remain, this can happen as we age or even in younger adults.  Dysport injections are used to treat these lines and disable the muscle movement in that area.

Does The Dysport Treatment Hurt?

If you’ve had other cosmetic injections, you’ll know the discomfort is very minimally.  The procedure is quick and effective, something you can have discretely done over a lunch hour. There’s no downtime associated with the Dysport injections.

Our Orange County Dysport Injection Doctor

Dr. Assif is regarded as a master injector and beauty artist by his patients in Orange County.  He is our Tustin Med Spa medical director and his experience is vast.

He has performed thousands of cosmetic injections on satisfied patients over the year, and one of the reasons he is referred by many of them to family and friends.

Like all cosmetic dermal fillers or injections, the person performing the injection is just as important if not more important than the product being used.  Dr. Assif focuses on naturally enhancing your facial features without creating a whole new look or sacrificing your god given beauty.

Ô de Rose Med Spa in Tustin is home to hundreds of satisfied cosmetic clients.  We ask you to learn more about us and read our OC Medical Spa reviews.

The Dysport injections can be used alone or combined with other non-surgical medical spa treatments that lead to optimal, stunning results.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic & beauty treatments such as facials, dermal fillers, skin care treatments, and more.

Your treatment is specific to you, and it all starts by scheduling a cosmetic complimentary consultation with us.

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