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Radiofrequency Microneedling Q & A

Radio Frequency Micro Needling is the latest gold standard for skin rejuvenation. This treatment prevents sagging skin, by increasing skin firmness as well as elasticity. Radio Frequency Micro Needling also erases acne scars, creates smoother skin texture, and adds volume to the face by stimulating new collagen. 

Radio Frequency Micro Needling safely delivers radio frequency energy into layers of skin where collagen forms. Ô de Rose Med Spa customizes each of their treatments to their individual patients, in order to deliver the best possible energy below the skin’s surface. If you have any sunken in scars, or wrinkles, Radio Frequency Micro Needling is designed specifically for you. It is safe for all skin types and does not require any anesthesia. If you would like to become an exclusive Ô de Rose Med Spa patient, please schedule an appointment today, and receive the beautiful skin that you deserve.