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Nothing compares to a beautiful, glowing complexion, but even flawless skin can’t escape the effects of time. As your skin ages, it loses some of its elasticity, fine lines begin to emerge, and the cumulative effects of long-term sun exposure become more noticeable. Ahmed Assif, MD, medical aesthetician Nada Rami, and their team at Ô de Rose Med Spa in Tustin, California, offer an A-to-Z menu of advanced corrective skin rejuvenation treatments, ranging from laser skin tightening to microneedling. If you’re ready for healthier, younger-looking skin, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Skin Rejuvenation Q & A

How does laser skin rejuvenation work?

Laser skin rejuvenation uses therapeutic levels of precision laser energy to penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin, where it stimulates collagen growth and helps strengthen and tighten underlying tissues.

As the heated skin cells trigger your body’s natural healing mechanisms to form new, healthier dermal layers, you see smoother, more youthful skin with fewer wrinkles, age spots, and flaws.

Although laser skin rejuvenation can’t completely erase every flaw, it can correct or significantly improve the appearance of many common skin issues, including:

  • Deep wrinkles and fine lines
  • Blotchy, uneven skin tone or texture
  • Leathery, sun-damaged skin
  • Increased pigmentation and age spots
  • Surfaces scars, including acne scars

Because they cause significant tightening effects through each dermal layer, laser treatments are also an ideal solution for loose, saggy skin.

What are the benefits of microneedling?

Also known as collagen induction therapy, this revolutionary treatment uses a special device to gently create micro-channels across the surface of your skin.

Because microneedling creates these superficial micro-channels in your skin, it provides an ideal way to deliver customized skincare serums directly into the deepest layers for optimal benefits and results. Depending on your specific skin needs, your personal serum may include:

  • Hyaluronic acid to plump your skin
  • Retinol to counteract the effects of sun damage
  • Vitamin C to enhance collagen renewal

The team at Ô de Rose Med Spa uses the state-of-the-art AquaGold® microneedling system to deliver skin-boosting nutrients directly to your skin cells from the outside in.

As your body’s healing mechanisms trigger collagen and elastin renewal, you see noticeably tighter skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling also helps improve the appearance of acne scars and other minor surface scars.

How can a chemical peel help?

A chemical peel is a noninvasive clinical skin treatment that addresses the damage from long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. It’s done through the application of a chemical solution that helps gently peel away the top layer of your skin. A chemical peel can help:

  • Smooth rough texture
  • Rebalance skin tone
  • Soften wrinkles and lines
  • Tighten large pores
  • Diminish dark spots

The peel’s depth of action depends on a variety of factors, including its ingredients, how it’s applied, and how long it remains on your skin before it’s neutralized.

The Ô de Rose Med Spa team offer a wide range of top-tier chemical peel products, including VI Peel®. VI Peel products contain a powerful blend of ingredients suitable for a wide range of skin types. Unlike traditional chemical peels, VI Peel treatments are virtually painless, require no skin preconditioning, and come with minimal downtime.

We see patients from all over Orange County and Southern California. To learn more about all the skin rejuvenation options available at Ô de Rose Med Spa, call or schedule an appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary

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